Study finds that smoking shisha contributes to diabetes and obesity

Smoking shisha could significantly increase the risk of it’s users suffering from diabetes and obesity. This is according to a recent medical research that was conducted by in a university in the UK known as Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

This research found out that after one had inhaled shishs fumes, he or she was much more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes and also experience weight gain compared to those individuals who were non-smokers. This is by far the first major medical study to have been done focusing on the negative health effects of shisha smoking.

In the study, the baseline characteristics of approximately 9840 individuals were evaluated against their biochemical results. These biochemical results were then later scrutinized through blood tests. From the overall study results, it was discovered that that diabetes (Type 2), dyslipidemia (a condition characterised by abnormal amounts of lipids), and obesity had a direct link to smoking hookah. Despite all the three being positively associated with the smoking of shisha, all them are negatively associated with smoking cigarette.

Out of all the 9840 individuals who participated in the study, 864 were active tobacco cigarette smokers, 976 were ex-tobacco cigarette smokers, 6742 were totally non-tobacco smokers, 41 smoked both tobacco cigarettes and shisha, and 1067 were exclusively shisha smokers.

The work has brought a lot of doubt on the popular belief that shisha smoking is relatively less toxic. For a very long time, people have blindly believed in this the reason being that the shisha hookah apparatus first purifies the tobacco smoke before it passes it directly through water.

While the use of cigarette has gradually declined over the past few years, most people have been observed to have turned to more ‘healthier’ and ‘Less toxic’ cigarette smoking alternatives which include using e-cigarettes and shisha. Most of these people have been drawn to the sweet taste of shisha and often spend several hours smoking it when out having fun.

According to a study by a Medical Journal in the UK, the practice of smoking shisha now accounts for almost 50 percent of all the teenage smoking practices. This is very dangerous considering that the long-term effects of smoking hookah on health could be far greater than those of smoking traditional cigarettes.

According to medical experts, a cigarette is usually down after one takes about 20 puffs. On the other hand, the event of smoking shisha ussually takes a very long period of time. This makes shisha smokers to be exposed to large volumes of chemicals like tar, carcinogens, and heavy metals for a very long period compared to cigarette smokers.

According to experts, this is good enough evidence to prove that shisha smoking may not be as harmless as people think and why a lot of still needs to be put in place to reduce the appeal hookah has in the younger generation. From the perspective of a health policy, the entire public should recognize that smoking hookah has a large number of negative effects and it should, therefore, be treated just the same as smoking cigarette.

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