Relationship Between Smoking Father and Low Sperm Son

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Smoking father as a cause unhealthy child

Smoking Father and Low Sperm Son

According to a researchthat was conducted regarding lower count, men with reduced spermcount are as a result of their smoking father when their mothers werepregnant. The existing study has always linkedlower sperm count and maternal smoking during the period ofpregnancy. But following a study at Swedens Lund University, it hassuccessfully linked the smoking fathers. It has been confirmed by anextensive research team that men whose fathers had a habit of smokingwhile in their mother’s womb, had half less sperm count as thosewith non-smoking fathers. And this is not tied to mother’s exposureto nicotine.

When the researchers changed to mother’sself-exposure to nicotine, the sons own smoking and the socioeconomicfactors, those who had their father’s smoke recorded 41% lowersperm concentration. The researchers at Lund University haveconfirmed the discovery of this level as the first one to bepublished.

The researcher Axelsson Jonatan, who is aspecialist physician in environmental and occupational medicine, saidthat he got so surprised that despite high-level exposure of mothersto nicotine, the sperm count of men who had their fathers smoking wasvery low. He implies that unlike maternal ovum, the men’s gametesdivide in continuous succession for the rest of their life andmutations usually take place at the critical moment of celldivision.

We very well understand that smoking oftobacco is associated with a lot of substances that are known tocause mutations. One can imagine that during the time of conception,the gamete undergoes mutations, and there on pass the genes. This,therefore, leads to reduced sperm quality among the maleoffspring.

The possibilities of pregnancy have beenlinked to the sperm count, and so this is likely to affect thepossibility of these types of men bearing children in the future. Asmoking father can also be linked to a short-lived reproductivelifespan among daughters. Therefore, the notion that everything isdependent on whether the mother smokes or not is not convincing atall. A future research could reveal a closer and causalconnection.

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The biomarker cotinine is ametabolite extracted from nicotine and it is measured in blood.Through taking measurements of cotinine, the researchers can easilytell whether parents smoke or whether they’ve been exposed topassive smoking. A huge number of previous studies say that fetuscould be exposed to danger if the mother is a smoker. But on therecent study, the relationship between sons’ sperm count and thefather’s smoking habit has been made clear.

Most of thenewly emerging mutations known as de novo mutations may arise throughthe father and there is a well-defined connection between the age ofthe father and the number of complex diseases. Additionally, it hasalso been noted that smoking is linked to damage of DNA within thesperm and the smokers are likely to have more breaks on DNA strand.Children whose fathers smoke have been linked to several mutations ina repeated manner on one section of the DNA, which is not commonamong children whose fathers are non-smokers.

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