1. What percentage of New Jersey residents are smokers?

2. Just as there are low-fat and sugar-free foods for people trying to lose weight, are there cigarettes that are better for smokers to smoke?

3. Which one of these things is NOT caused by smoking?

4. Is it ever too late to quit smoking? 

5. What percentage of New Jersey’s 1.15 million smokers want to quit?

6. The best way to help someone who is trying to quit smoking is to:

7. What percentage of New Jersey smokers supports the New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act?

8. Can’t restaurant workers and patrons be completely protected from the health risk of secondhand smoke through the use of advanced air filtration systems? 

9. Isn’t it true that while secondhand smoke may be annoying for some, exposure to it really isn’t harmful to health?

10. Approximately how many nonsmokers die each year in the United States as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke? 

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