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Physicians are in an excellent position during patient office visits to encourage smokers to quit and to help them succeed in quitting by referring them to New Jersey’s highly effective Quit Services.

Why and How You Should Help Your Patients Quit

  • Nearly 76% of New Jersey’s 1.15 million smokers want to quit, yet without seeking help only 3% succeed.
  • Physicians play a crucial role as counselors and many patients act on their doctors’ advice.
  • New Jersey’s Quit Services provide professional and practical counseling following the Public Health Services Clinical Treatment Guidelines for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence.  NJ Quitline has a higher success rate than the national average for other structured cessation programs, and New Jersey’s Quit Services have helped thousands of New Jerseyans quit smoking for good.
  • The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services recommends a quick and easy way to help your patients quit: 2A’s+R (Ask, Advise, Refer).  Simply ask your patients if they smoke, advisethem to quit, and refer them via a referral slip to New Jersey’s free Quit Services – NJ QuitNet® or NJ Quitline.

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