Individual resources

Check out New Jersey’s free and low-cost Quit Services, as well as other services and tools from the American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, and American Heart Association.

Also take a look at immediate and long-term benefits of quitting, and the importance of a support system to succeed in quitting.

Other resources:

  • Nearly 76% of New Jersey’s 1.15 million smokers want to quit, yet without seeking help only 3% succeed.
  • With New Jersey Quitline, smokers are 10 times more likely to succeed.
  • Smokers are 50% more likely to succeed when family, friends, and colleagues support them.
  • Within 20 minutes after their last cigarette, smokers’ blood pressure and heart rate drop
  • 48 hours: The ability to smell and taste is enhanced
  • 1 to 9 months: Coughing and shortness of breath decrease
  • View a list of additional benefits
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