Hookah, JUUL and Smokeless E-Cigarettes Are the New Cool Among Teens

all types smoking harm your health

Better Safe Than Sorry

Have you recently checked yourteen’s USB flash drive? Given that USB-shaped electronic cigarettesare rising in popularity among US middle and high-school students, chances are that your kid’s USB is in fact an e-cigarette which contains highly addictive nicotine. Pen-shaped e-cigs are also popular among young adults. These electronic devices produce aerosolsby heating a liquid that typically contains nicotine, various chemicals and flavorings. E-cigarettes can also be used to inhale marijuana as well as other addictive drugs,

Accordingto the FDA, currently there are no specific marketing restrictions inthe US beyond avoiding claims which are misleading. So, at the moment, there is a major tobacco crisis looming due to hip, youth-targeted marketing campaigns conducted by different e-cigarette brands. Let’s look at the main 3 tobacco trends that have become thenew cool among young adults – JUUL, hookah and smokeless e-cigarettes( heat-no-burn devices).

1. JUUL -All That Glitters Is Not Safe

JUUL is an extremely popular e-cigarette brand that is shaped just like an USB flash drive. JUUL is currently the top-selling e-cigarette in the US obviously due to its shape which makes the e-cig unnoticeable by parents and school teachers alike. Students can use JUUL in school, even in classrooms and school bathrooms, without teachers realizing that the USB-like device is actually an e-cigarette.

JUUL’s small size and its sleek, camouflaged and shiny appearance make it extremely appealing to teenagers, but much to their health detriment. The manufacturer warns that a single JUUL liquid pod ( about 200 puffs) contains as much nicotine as an entire pack of 20 regular cigarettes. Just like other e-cigs, JUUL delivers this very high amount of nicotine via aerosolized vapors that are inhaled and exhaled. JUUL also comes in different flavors ( e.g. menthol, creme, chocolate, candy, mango and other fruit etc.) which further appeal toyoung adults.

2. Hookah – A Social Trend that Threatens to Hook Young Adults

Anold-school way of smoking tobacco via a waterpipe, hookah incorporates a chamber or bowl partially filled with water, mouthpiece and hose. Hookahs have seen a revival these days, especially among young adults. They find it increasingly hip togather in a hookah lounge, bar or cafe and smoke specialty tobacco,usually candy or fruit-flavored.

To make things worse, some hookah waterpipes utilize burning charcoal briquettes in order to heat the flavored tobacco, thus exposing users to harmful charcoal combustion compounds such as high amounts of carbon monoxide. In a typical hookah smoking experience, users may inhale upto 200 times the amount of smoke they’d get from a single regular cigarette. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), a hookah is just as toxic and addictive as regular cigarette smoking.

3. Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Devices – Tempting US Young Adults

These devices such as IQOS work by heating small plugs of tobacco in order to produce aerosols, instead of burning tobacco like a regular cigarette. Although manufacturers claim that heat-not-burn e-cigs are the safe alternative to conventional cigarette smoking, the vapor inhaled using these devices has been found to contain numerous harmful compounds in addition to highly addictive nicotine. Withheat-not-burn e-cigs rising in popularity among teens in Canada andJapan, health advocates in the US are showing concern about the introduction of these dangerous e-cigs in the country.

Urgi Kids to Say “No” to E-Cigs

Unfortunately, there are other nicotine trends luring young adults with coolness and other “rewards” that appeal to them. These include tobacco pipes, flavored cigarillos and cigars, oral health products (e,g. throat lozenges, strips and pouches), as well as smokeless tobacco (e.g, snuff and chewing tobacco).

Don’t be fooled by the claims made by the manufacturers of these hazardous devices. According to recent research, the flavoring chemicals in e-cigs may significantly increase the risk of severe blood vessel damage and other medical conditions. The long-term effects of e-cigarettes are yet unknown. The true fact is that no tobacco product is safe, so be sure to advise kids against using e-cigarettes or any other tobacco product.

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